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Audience Awards: the results are in.

The Results are in. Here is how #capfringe18 Audience's Voted.


Keeping Up Your Festival Stamina!

Don't let the gray skies give you Fringe Fatigue yet! Keep taking advantage of every opportunity, and make the most of this final week of the Festival.


CityBar Happy Hours and Roof Top Jams

Join Fringe staff and fellow Fringe Festival goers at How To Fringe Happy Hours Tuesday-Thursday 4-7pm (weather permitting).


What our Adventurous Audiences have booked at 50% or greater

50% Shows, Sell Outs and the oh, so close to selling out July 14-29 #capfringe18


Interview With 'God is Dead and April's Getting Married' Performer, Anna Shafer!

"It’s all very exciting and new and we discover different things at every rehearsal."


All About Market SW!

This week’s performances just made me want to hop up and dance the whole way through! Our artists played a wide range of styles, from experimental meditation sounds to flamenco music. Check out our upcoming performances on our website music page!


What Are Our Adventurous Audiences Seeing?

50% Shows, Sell Outs and the oh, so close to selling out shows as of Friday, July 13 #capfringe18


Festival Preview Highlights!

Our 2018 Preview kicked off the festival with a vibrant array of teasers and an energetic audience! Area Women, producing Holon! magically glided across the stage in their pastel drapes, introducing us to their beautiful world of dance.


July 10 - 15 118 shows #capfringe18

Get the most out of your summer in SW DC. Fringe, Concerts, All Star Baseball & Opening of Audio Field July 12 - 17, Farmers Market and the Community Night Market. Plan ahead to have fun.


ONE DAY MORE #capfringe2018

While every day of Fringe will be chock-full of entertainment, Opening Weekend promises to be especially exciting.


TWO DAYS #capfringe2018

Imagine a world where objects fall unexpectedly from the sky—hundreds of bouncy balls come crashing down and a knife lands in the middle of your dining room table. O'Monsters world is all about the unpredictable.


THREE DAYS #capfringe18

Looking for cute jewelry, cards, and home decor? Stop in Diament! If you’re looking for boating essentials or snacks, Anchor has you covered. #capfringe18 Button Discounts do apply!

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