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Be a part of fulfilling the promise of the Logan Fringe Arts Space – a DC art space that is energizing audiences and expanding their palates for independent, Fringe:: theatre, music, art, dance and unclassifiable forms of live performance and visual art.

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Capital Fringe moved into our permanent home, the Logan Fringe Arts Space at 1358 Florida Avenue in the northeast quadrant of Washington, DC in October of 2015. The once two-floor, three parcel auto detailing shop then turned art gallery, boasts 9,314 square feet of indoor space with an additional 2,400 square feet of outdoor space for a total floor plan of 11,714 Square. The building is now zoned C-2A and has a FAR (floor to area ratio) of 19,000 square feet for future expansion.

In June 2014, Fringe agreed to purchase its new building for $4,500,000, putting down a $350,000 non-refundable deposit to secure the space until closing in October. Fringe closed on the building on October 6, 2014, paying $1,950,000 with take back seller financing for $2,550,000 in outstanding debt with a 4% interest only rate in 2015 and 6% in 2015. Additionally, the deal required another $500,000 payment in February 2015 resulting in $2,050,000 debt financing over the next two years. With Fringe on solid financial footing, and a new asset on its balance sheet, we arranged bank financing with a loan from our bank of 10-years, PNC Bank, in the amount of $2,206,518. Fringe received one loan for $1,200,000 with a fixed rate of 3.9% (interest and principle) and a maturity of seven years and a second loan for $1,006,518 with a floating rate equal to 3.25% (interest only) minus the prime rate (currently .10) and a maturity of five years. To date, Capital Fringe has raised $3,151,949 to fund the project.

Phase 1 - 2014 to 2018

In our first year in the Logan, we operated 193 days of programmatic activity connected to our mission, plus another 51 days of additional programming across the District . We painted murals, created and opened two bars, broke in a new black box theatre, greeted new and old familiar faces and had a great time! The Logan Fringe Arts space currently contains:

  • 104-seat Trinidad Theatre
  • Indoor bar with gallery
  • Outdoor beer garden

Phase 2 - 2018 to 2020

Once Phase Two renovations are completed, the Logan Fringe Arts space will house:

  • 200-seat theatre that operates in accordance with Actors Equity Association rules and guidelines and is completely sound proof
  • Two 200-capacity seat multi-purpose black box theatre’s that are completely sound proof
  • Scene shop/build space operating and adhering to all OSHA rules and standards
  • Art gallery
  • Indoor bar with a commercial grade kitchen
  • Outdoor beer garden

In order to continue our work in growing and supporting the independent art scene and to improve and enhance our facility Phase 2 will also include the creation of two black box theatres built to cater different styles of live performance. They will be fully equip with the appropriate sound proofing so as to be able operate simultaneously. A commercial kitchen enabling us to serve food and zoning changes will accommodate our growing community.

The Phase 1 and 2 project budget is roughly $9 million. To date, Capital Fringe has raised $4,245,949.

We have received funding from The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation, The Share Fund of the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region, Julianne Brienza, Jean and David Grier, Gerry Widdicombe, Kingdon III and Kristen Gould, Angela Fox, The Nora Roberts Foundation and the The Reva and David Logan Foundation, Reveda Foundation for whom we have named our facility.


  • Naming of Facility/Signage facade of the building
    $1,500,000-Reveda Foundation
  • Theatre One-200 seats - $1,000,000
  • Theatre Two-100 seats - $800,000-Nora Roberts Foundation
  • Gallery/Event space - $500,000
  • Fringe Arts Bar Beer Garden - $500,000


  • Commercial Kitchen - $250,000
  • Scene Shop - $130,000
  • Elevator - $100,000
  • Managers Closet - $80,000
  • Plaque stating support of our local and federal government licenses - $75,000
  • Air Conditioning + Heating - $75,000
  • Box Office - $30,000-Angela Fox
  • Equity Dressing Rooms and Cot - $25,000
  • Artists Restrooms, The Nora - $20,000
  • Audiences Restrooms 2nd Flr - $20,000
  • Fringe Arts Bar Beer Garden Community Table - $20,000
  • Bicycle Rack (2) - $10,000
  • Donor Wall Listing (20) - $10,000

To learn more, contact Julianne Brienza at

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