Rental Process

Renting the Logan Fringe Arts Space should not feel like a traditional rental process. We partner with you to present your work or event. Together we work on our shared patrons’ experience. Here is the entire rental process, from A to Z.


Have a look at our booking calendar to see when our space is available. The calendar indicates when we are booked and in what location – any blank space could be all yours.


Let us know you’re interested in renting the space. Fill out a rental request form and give us as much detail as you have about the kind of event you’d like to do here, what it entails, and when you’d like to do it. Double check your dates against our calendar to ensure all dates you’re interested in are available. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


Schedule a walkthrough of the Logan Fringe Arts Space if you’ve never been here before. It will help you envision your event and understand the flow of the space. Even if you have been to the Logan Fringe Arts Space, we will schedule a time for you to come to the space, walk-through and talk more about your rental.


Once we have discussed the details of your event, a contract will be drafted for you to review and sign. One week after the contract is signed, we look to receive a check for the security deposit and 3-5% of rental deposit (if applicable) – this check should be delivered in person, if possible.


Box Office

All Box Office and Front of House Operations are handled by Capital Fringe. We will build your show in our Ticketing service, OvationTix and launch it live on our website. Once we build out your ticketing on OvationTix, we will send you a log-in so you can view who’s coming and how your ticket sales are doing as well as allow you to enter any complimentary guests for your event. We also support any discount ticketing platforms like TicketPlace and Goldstar, which can help spread the word about your show! Marketing In order to promote your event, we look for you to submit:

▪ Official event title

▪ Summary of your event

▪ A hi-resolution PNG or JPEG image that is 960x540 pixels, preferably without text.

We ask that you complete this Marketing and Box Office Form so that we can best promote your work. As you will only be able to complete the Marketing Form once, this is a Practice Marketing Form for you.

We will look to hold a Marketing Meeting with your team prior to the event to coordinate efforts and provide insight. This is a space where we want you to stand out and best promote your event.

Social Media

Fringe will include you in our social media during the term of your contract. We will work in tandem with you to promote you work.


We want to ensure that all parties have a mutually agreed upon expectation of how the event or performance will be executed, what you’ll be bringing with you, and what we’ll be providing. It is imperative that we know what is happening in the space. We look to hold a Production Meeting with your team prior to the event to coordinate these efforts.


The week of your event, we do a final check in to make sure all details are in order, and that you know exactly how to get here, what we’ll have ready for you and what’s expected from the event.


It’s here! It’s happening! Everyone has a great time!


We mail checks on the 1st and 15th of every month, which will be comprised of your net ticketing revenue minus OvationTix credit card processing fees (for tickets purchased online). A predetermined payment schedule will be included in your contract to refer to.

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