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The summer Fringe Festival is a self-producing performing arts festival filled with theatre, dance, music, and everything that falls under the category of live performing arts. The summer Fringe Festival takes place over 18 days in July with over 140 productions doing roughly 800 individual performances, showcasing 5,000 artists for over 30,000 audiences members each year, along with ongoing parties and happenings under the Baldacchino Gypsy Tent (where artists and audiences get down together). It is just the place for you to showcase your most daring, raw and authentic live performance work. We encourage participating artists to give expression to and develop their talents and artistic visions in total artistic freedom without any curatorial barriers in bringing that work to an audience; to help artists become successful independent producers; and ensure the growth and continued health of the local and regional performing arts community.

How to Participate in the Summer Fringe Festival

There are three ways to participate in the summer Fringe Festival - in the Fringe Run Venue, a Find Your Own Venue or a Site-Specific Work categories. For all routes, these rules apply:

Applications for our 10th Anniversary summer Fringe Festival July 9 to 26, 2015 will be open in October!

  1. Only one production or project per producing-identity.
  2. All productions that are part of the summer Festival must begin within the dates of the Festival.
  3. We do not accept TBA projects or incomplete applications or proposals.
  4. Once you have applied with one project or production you cannot change to another project or production.
  5. Most projects or productions are 70 to 90 minutes with low-tech needs. We do not have a limit on length – but shows between 70 and 90 minutes have proven to be the most successful.
  6. We only accept online submissions to the summer Festival.
  7. Box Office Revenue checks are mailed to all participants 15 business days after the close of the summer Festival.
  8. Tickets are $12 to $17 - accessible to all economic brackets. All attendees must purchase a Fringe button, good for admission to the Festival, plus discounts around the DC Metro area throughout the year.

Fringe Run Venue

Applications for our Fringe Run Venue participation category for the 2014 summer Festival are closed!

Applications are now closed for for the 2014 Capital Fringe Festival. Applicants will be notified in February of acceptance. All Fringe Run Venue artists pay a $575 participation fee. The participation fee guarantees the artist a venue, venue manager, complete box office services, a listing in the printed Festival Guide, and an individual show page on the Fringe website. Additionally, all artists must pay a $200 insurance fee. (Artists/companies who have the appropriate business liability insurance or AEA union affiliation are exempt.)

Fringe Run Venue artists receive 50 - 70% of the ticket revenue from their production. We determine that percentage using several factors, which are specific to venue assignment. These include: number of performances, number of seats, and available equipment and amenities. Most Fringe artists are scheduled for five to six performances. In 2013, artists in our Festival received an average of $1,835 in ticket revenue with some performers receiving up to $9,500. Additionally, over half of the productions were sold at 50% or more at the 2013 Festival.

In the Fringe Run Venue application, artists are asked to describe the sort of venue they would prefer for producing their show (stage size, technical requirements, etc). We strive to assign the venue that best fits each individual request. Space is limited so we can’t always give a best-case scenario to all of our artists, but we work hard to be as accommodating as we can.

Acceptance into a Fringe Run Venue is first-come, first-served, based on what we are able to accommodate in each year’s array of venues. If we are not able to accept everyone initially, we operate a wait list, to allow in more artists, should appropriate space become available.

We conduct How to Fringe sessions in the fall for those interested in taking part and sessions in the spring for accepted artists.

Find Your Own Venue (FYOV)

Applications for our Find Your Own Venue participation category for the 2014 summer Festival are closed!

The application period for the 2014 Capital Fringe Festival is now closed. Applicants will be notified in March of acceptance. The marketing/participation fee is $475 and there is a box office fee of 19% of total tickets sold through the Fringe Box Office. We do not accept FYOV projects or productions without an identified venue. All FYOV artists must find their own venue with the District of Columbia. All FYOV artists must sell a minimum of 50% of their tickets through the Fringe Box Office, support and honor the Capital Fringe Button policy and all Festival Passes.

Site-Specific Work

New for 2014, we have launched a Site-Specific category to our summer Festival. We will reserve 10 slots in the our summer performance calendar for this type of work. The summer Festival runs from July 10 to 27, 2014.

So, what is our Site-Specific category...

  • A place for live-performance that couldn't take place in a traditional theatre setting.
  • An opportunity to animate an unexpected location with performance.
  • A mechanism to challenge our shared views of space, place and performance.

We are no longer accepting proposals for the Site-Specific category of the 2014 summer Festival. For reference, you can view the questions asked in our Request for Proposals here

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