fallFRINGE Festival 2013


fallFRINGE is an 11-day live performing arts event that gathers the best talent from past summer Fringe Festivals. fallFRINGE takes place over 11 days November 1 to 17 with 13 productions doing roughly 80 individual performances, showcasing over 2,000 artists to over 10,000 audience members. Invited participants present encores or brand new shows, building on their experience as summer Fringe Festival artists. In addition, much merriment and revelry is to be had at the two BaldacchinoINDOOR bars at Fort Fringe, where visitors and fanatics alike can enjoy each other’s company and chat.

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A Note from the Julianne

While our fall Festival is a smaller size than our summer explosion it still can fit artists and audiences just like your favorite cozy sweater. I have invited all those participating in fallFRINGE to come back to the Fort with new or returning shows. Half are shows from the most recent summer Festival and half are from past Fringe artists creating brand new works just for fallFRINGE. We are excited to open two full service bars to add to the merriment of the live performance that will occur on all three stages under the Fort’s roof this November.

Can’t wait to see you,

Julianne Brienza,
Executive Director/Founding Member

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