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Fringe POP [Performance over Projection] pairs short films with 10-minute plays for a dynamic experience mixing live and still projections, theatre and film. In its inaugural event, Fringe POP uses projections of local spots as a moving panorama for each 10-minute play with inserted live-feed from an on-stage cameraman.

This years focus is on how do we experience public vs. private space? With a world of knowledge and connectivity in everyone’s pocket, does privacy even exist? What happens when what we perceive as private is also perceived as public? Short films are paired thematically with 10-minute plays to create two distinctive presentations: Public and Private.

PUBLIC - 90 minutes with one 15 minute intermission

  • Scout’s Honor - 10 minute play by Ken Preuss, directed by Nick Martin
    Featuring: Andrew Flurer, Bryan Norrington, Nathan Alston and Rebecca Ballinger
    A teenage Boy Scout’s public service project has unintended and surprising repercussions, all thanks to social media.

  • The Poets - a short film by Sean Gannet
    An overtly sexual poetess who lacks healthy boundaries and an uptight, repressed poet obsessed with his grandmother are brought together by a homework assignment.

  • Klara and the Park Bench - 10 minute play by Elizabeth Jordan, directed by Nick Martin
    Featuring: Alani Kravitz, Andrew Flurer, Bryan Norrington and Rebecca Ballinger
    An moving exploration of the life of Klara, a homeless woman that is often passed by and ignored.

  • Escalators Become Stairs - a short film by Paul Moon
    Under the inscribed granite words of Walt Whitman, a site-specific performance at the Dupont Metro Station captured on smartphones, cassette recorders and hand-held sound producers are combined with Morse Code and MIDI transcription of the poem.


  • The Ring Thing - a short film by Friedrike Jehn
    A couple, a pool, a ring. One misunderstanding leads to the next, pushing this relationship to the edge.

  • Roof of Heaven - 10 minute play by Robert Kangas, directed by Renana Fox
    Featuring: Frank Britton, Reginald Richard and Genevieve James
    Three locals meet at a gas station parking lot and discover their daily routine has more to reveal than merely just “hanging out”.

  • Split End - a short film by Eddie Shieh
    Bored with her social life, a young woman caters a party for a beautiful couple, only to discover that the charismatic husband is not as he appears.

  • Talking Trash - 10 minute play by Emma Choi, directed by Renana Fox
    Featuring: Frank Britton, Christine Callsen and Reginald Richard
    Amy questions life, relationships and makes quite a discovery about her through the surprising help of an orange peel, among others.


$25 per performance
$34 series pass :: see one PUBLIC and one PRIVATE performance!

Art Direction :: Julianne Brienza
Producer 10-Minute Play Curator :: Lee Cromwell
Film Curator / Filmmaker Backdrops :: Jon Gann
Live Video Design :: Robin Bell
Cameraman :: Adrian Parsons

  1. Running time: 120 minutes
  2. 👥 Recommended for all ages

Past Dates + Times

Ended Thursday 10/6 at 8:00 PM Logan Fringe Arts Space: Trinidad Theatre   Ended Ended Saturday 10/8 at 2:00 PM Logan Fringe Arts Space: Trinidad Theatre   Ended Ended Sunday 10/9 at 8:00 PM Logan Fringe Arts Space: Trinidad Theatre   Ended


Logan Fringe Arts Space: Trinidad Theatre
1358 Florida Ave NE Washington, DC 20002
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