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Join us in for this special moment as we explore ad learn together what is Projexorcism.

What is Projexorcism? Four 16mm films are tampered with then projected simultaneously and manipulated with a lighting controller, disrupting the linear flow of plot and dialogue as other films are blended in and out in a dizzying stroboscopic maelstrom of light and optical sound, woven into an absurd new storyline, real time editing a new narrative out of old found films. Pivoting from bicycle chains, further motion is imparted to the motion pictures autonomously by the spasmodic on-off cycling of the 16mm projector motors, and sent into sweeping stroboscopic arcs by projectionist Ed Cooper. The projections pass through strategically placed silver CD-Rs, which act as image splitters, splinterers & multipliers to further fill space with moving pictures. A camcorder captures a portion of the action, and this signal is scrambled digitally and re-projected through two butterflied video projectors, adding peripheral overload to the performance. A backdrop of dizzying sounds from a heavily effected & treated guitar, circuit bent Speak & Spell, found internet sound & other lo-fi noise makers provide absurdist bedrock for the 16mm dialogue.

Free. All Ages.

  1. Running time: 210 minutes
  2. 👥 Recommended for all ages

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Ended Saturday 7/23 at 8:00 PM Fringe Arts Bar   Ended


Fringe Arts Bar
1358 Florida Ave NE
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