Event Details To Know a Veil

Presented by Emma Crane Jaster


Dance & Physical Theatre

From the desert of Morocco to the centerfold of Vogue. Why do women veil and reveal themselves? Try on a burka, take off your shoes. This show melds interviews, dance, installation and party games. A-veil yourself of an intimate evening.

  • Chief Creative Minds: Emma Crane Jaster
  • Featuring: Emma Crane Jaster, Kate Folsom, Rachel Hynes, Leslie McConnaughey, Neelam Patel, Naima Ramos-Chapman and Stacy Wilson
  • Composers: Matt Pearson
  1. Running time: 120 minutes
  2. 👥 Recommended for ages 13 and up
  3. This show contains nudity
  4. 📢 This show contains profanity


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