Event Details I Thought the Earth Remembered Me

Presented by banished? productions


Dance & Physical Theatre • Interactive

Please note, the running time of this performance is now 35 minutes.

Wander and play within intimate performance vignettes that ponder our relationships with nature, time and how we enact belonging and rootedness. We’ll story our intricate connections to home and land, and to spores, sprouts and microbes in living, intangible kingdoms.

  • Chief Creative Mind: Carmen C. Wong
  • Director: Ronee Penoi
  • Featuring: Meredith Bove, Cecilia Cackley, Ashi Day, DeLesslin George-Warren and David Szanto
  1. Running time: 35 minutes
  2. 👥 Recommended for adults only
  3. 💿 Capital Fringe Festival Button required for admission


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