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One could easily throw a “musical chairs” allusion into the description of this group: from a one man project to a 44 piece orchestra then finally resting as a ten person touring band - it’s impossible to escape the notion that this has shaped what Sounds of RVA calls their “ever-shifting wall of sound”. M.H. stands for Max Holiday, the composer, lyricist and singer behind M.H. & His Orchestra- with an age-defying, sincerely insincere croon he leads the grand orchestrations (dubbed “Orchestral Back-Beat”) through terrain less travelled in modern pop. But it’s no longer a one-man-show anymore; through a bizarre train of events this young balladeer has found himself in charge of an orchestra, or so it’s called…

  • Featuring: Danny Shyti, Dean Davies, Domino, Eddie "McFierce" McPherson, G. Emmett Splanky, Jack Tabby, Kasey Morgan, Lady Viorii, Lucy LaCœur and Max Holiday
  1. Running time: 60 minutes
  2. 👥 Recommended for all ages


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