Event Details A Dream Within A Dream

Presented by Through the 4th Wall


Drama • Interactive

Welcome to A Dream Within A Dream, our groundbreaking immersive transmedia performance. Edgar Allan Poe has died under the most mysterious of circumstances, yet there have been sightings of the would-be-dead writer, all over town. Will you help us solve these bewildering series of events? This project is featured in Capital Fringe’s inaugural Site-Specific Program.

  • Directors: Nasreen Alkhateeb, Doug Bradshaw and Jennifer Schwed
  • Featuring: Bette Cassatt, Ian Blackwell Rogers, Dwane Starlin, Kate Drakely, Kelly Kiesling, Emily Whitworth, Mike Larson, Dan Kavanaugh, Fareed Mostoufi, Jennifer Berry, Jonathan Zuck, Betsy Muller, Kyle Lynch, Michael Jacobson, James Ebersole, Thomas Linn, Adam Johnson and Christin Meador
  • Playwrights: Doug Bradshaw
  • Composers: Carlos Garza and Rich O'Meara
  1. Running time: 55 minutes
  2. 👥 Recommended for ages 13 and up


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