Event Details Walken In His Shoes

Presented by Ruben Rosthenhausler


Comedy • Contemporary

Sit in on an all-male Christopher Walken Club meeting when a female wants to join. Watch as they compete in the first annual Walken In His Shoes pageant. Come see the big hair, big eyes and big laughs.

  • Directors: Ruben Rosthenhausler and Leah Rosthenhausler
  • Featuring: Brandon Howell, Kate Howell, Luke Howell, Matthew Howell, Michael Howell, Stephanie Howell, Leah Rosthenhausler, Ruben Rosthenhausler and Sarah Rosthenhausler
  • Playwrights: Ruben Rosthenhausler
  1. Running time: 60 minutes
  2. 👥 Recommended for all ages


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