Event Details Antigone

Presented by The Wandering Theatre Company


Dance & Physical Theatre • Storytelling

Antigone, the story of a young girl who defies the overwhelming power of the state in pursuit of what is right, is reimagined and rebuilt through physical theatre and ensemble performance by this promising company.

  • Directors: Natalie V. Zito
  • Featuring: Alexander Perez, Christian Gnecco-Quintero, Clemmie Evans, Damion Williams, Emily Relva, Hannah Wolff, Jenna Krasowski, Kalen Boyd, Sue-Ellen Mandell and Paul Schwartz
  • Playwrights: Jean Anouilh
  • Choreographers: Natalie V. Zito
  1. Running time: 90 minutes
  2. 👥 Recommended for ages 13 and up


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