Event Details 1814! The War of 1812 Rock Opera

Presented by Rock 1814 Productions


Musical Theatre & Opera • Variety

The Burning of Washington and the Battle of Baltimore come to ear-shattering life in a cycle of original songs performed live by singers, dancers and musicians. Inventive, irreverent, and inspirational, 1814! turns a forgotten war into an unforgettable rock spectacle.

  • Featuring: Robert Bradley, Corey Hennessey, Moira Horowitz, Laura Komatinsky, Tim Olewnik, Gaines Johnston, Keith Acton, Serge Goon, Erik Sunday, Chris Beck, Doug Balog, Tom Balog, Tim Kreider, Claire Coyle, David Dudley, Dave Israel, Jim Schaffer, Carl Weigel, Judy Kurjan, Alexander d'Agostino and Sarah Ann Austin
  • Playwrights: David Dudley and Dave Israel
  • Composers: David Dudley and Dave Israel
  • Song Books: David Dudley and Dave Israel
  1. Running time: 70 minutes
  2. 👥 Recommended for ages 13 and up
  3. 📢 This show contains profanity


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