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Presented by 100th Monkey Theatre Ensemble


Dance & Physical Theatre

Based on the real-life news story of a 52-year-old teacher running away with his student, along with actual witness accounts, the audience follows a reporter and a trickster clown into sticky webs of morality, desire, temptation, and sexual grooming.

  • Chief Creative Mind: 100th Monkey Theatre Ensemble Artists
  • Director: Anjalee Deshpande-Hutchinson, Wendy McMullen
  • Featuring: Gabe Calleja, Tina Cody, Kobi Davis, Anjalee Hutchinson, Alex Gherardi, Kiran Grewal, Mark Hutchinson, Terry LaCasse, Victoria Moyer, Sam Norton, Mukta Phatak, Wendy Schibener, Casey Venema, Greg Wolf
  1. Running time: 50 minutes
  2. 👥 Recommended for ages 13 and up
  3. 📢 This show contains profanity
  4. 💿 Capital Fringe Festival Button required for admission

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Ended Tuesday 7/24 at 5:00 PM Blind Whino: Turquoise Ended Ended Wednesday 7/25 at 6:15 PM Blind Whino: Turquoise Ended Ended Friday 7/27 at 7:15 PM Blind Whino: Turquoise Ended Ended Saturday 7/28 at 2:00 PM Blind Whino: Turquoise Ended Ended Sunday 7/29 at 11:00 AM Blind Whino: Turquoise Ended


Blind Whino: Turquoise
700 Delaware Ave SW, Washington, DC 20024
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