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Presented by Bill Warrell and Michael Wilderman


AND YOU WERE THERE an exhibit of images of Jazz in DC by photographer Michael Wilderman, with paintings by Bill Warrell that were derived from Wilderman’s photographs.

Exhibit Catalogue

May 22 – June 18

Michael Wilderman: Photographs of Jazz in Washington

Bill Warrell: Paintings inspired by Michael Wilderman’s photos

These two artists have built their careers in the Washington DC area, steeped in great jazz performance and presentation, including association with District Curators/, Transparent Productions, CapitalBop, DC Jazz Festival, and the Logan Fringe Arts Space. Michael has spent four decades in DC documenting performances for jazz magazines, and producing soulful portraits of iconic jazz masters. Both artist were inspired by Sun Ra, Charles Mingus, Don Pullen, and Lester Bowie; as well as the veteran and younger generations of DC jazz artists today. The images come from most of the DC area jazz venues - hopefully you were there, and will be there again.

This event is in conjunction with the DC Jazz Festival

Check out the work during the below times

Wednesday, June 7, 6:30PM-11:30PM

Thursday, June 8, 6:30PM-11:30PM

Friday, June 9, 6:30PM-11:30PM

Saturday, June 10, 1:30PM-11:30PM

Sunday, June 11, 1:30PM-4PM

Sunday, June 11, 6:30PM-11:30PM

Monday, June 12, Noon-4PM

Monday, June 12, 7PM-11:30PM

Tuesday, June 13, 7PM-11:30PM

Wednesday, June 14, 6:30PM-11:30PM

Thursday, June 15, 6:30PM-11:30PM

Friday, June 16, 6:30PM-11:30PM

Saturday, June 17, 1:30PM-11:30PM

Sunday, June 18, 1:30PM-4PM

Sunday, June 18, 6:30PM-11:30PM

  1. 👥 Recommended for all ages

Past Dates + Times

Ended Monday 5/22 at 7:00 PM Logan Fringe Arts Space Ended Ended Sunday 6/18 at 7:00 PM Fringe Arts Bar   Ended


Logan Fringe Arts Space
1358 Florida Ave. NE Washington, DC 20002
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Fringe Arts Bar
1358 Florida Ave NE
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