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Hi, I'm Fringe :: Interview with A Breakup is Swift and Over Her Dead Body

Director of A Breakup is Swift Clint Bagwell brought along actors Ben Kleymeyer and Gabby Jones and talked about experimental art and emotional intimacy. Later, Karen Lange and Ryan Maxwell of Over Her Dead Body talk about bluegrass murder ballads and violence in America.


Hi, I'm Fringe :: Interview with Better A Witty Fool and Coping

Falstaff Productions' Better A Witty Fool and the connection between politics and Shakespeare are what Louis James Brenner talked about. Later, Josh Kelley talks about directing Green Spark Productions' Coping.


Hi, I'm Fringe :: Interviews with Play Cupid and Reflecting Antigone

I sat down with Brett Abelman and Elizabeth Hansen of New Game Theatre's Play Cupid. Later I talked with Lisa Hill-Corley about her work on Reflecting Antigone.


Hi, I'm Fringe :: Venue and Genre Breakdown

A guide to 2016 Fringe Festival Venues; how to get to them, how to get between them, and what kind of shows they have. See you there!


Hi, I'm Fringe :: Interviews with BECOMING and One Man Romeo

I sat down with Candra Preshong to talk about fusiondance's BECOMING and the DC dance scene. Later, I talked with Darius McCall about his show, One Man Romeo, and the story of how he got into acting.


Hi, I'm Fringe :: Tickets, Buttons, & Passes

2016 Fringe Festival Schedule Live - book tickets now! See you soon.


FRINGE MUSIC :: Festival Interview with Jim Thomson

Most people tell me I have an eclectic taste... I would say I just have a wide variety of appreciation that’s constantly evolving. I come to music in certain stages of my life that I wasn’t aware of before.


FRINGE MUSIC :: (RE)education Interview with Blair Goins

Before his new composition is debuted at the (RE)education concert, learn how Blair Goins became a composer and tuba player in D.C.


Perisphere presents OLEANNA :: Interview with the artists :: FRINGE THEATRE

Fringe sits down with the cast and director of OLEANNA to find out why this dark play is so much fun and what they hope the audience will get out of it.


FRINGE MUSIC :: Interview with Domingues & Kane

Amy Domingues and Dennis Kane create art that balances musicianship with technology founded on musical traditions equally ancient and contemporary.


Fringe POP :: Short Play Director Search

Fringe POP is looking for four directors to lead scripts from rehearsal to performance.


FRINGE MUSIC in the Library :: Interview with Donvonte McCoy

Read more about this local trumpeting legend and how go-go and classical music influenced his sound.

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