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"Capital Fringe has become an extended family, as well as a place to spread our creative wings."

My husband Michael and I both have degrees in theatre, and our children learned as they grew. We were dubbed “The Family Fringe”. Capital Fringe has become an extended family, as well as a place to spread our creative wings. It is a family we look forward to engaging with every year.


"Happenstance Theater could not have gotten where we are without the support and opportunities provided by Capital Fringe and the Fringe Festival."

Our company, Happenstance Theater, was launched at the inaugural Capital Fringe Festival in 2006. We performed at the Fringe Festival for five years and this gave us an opportunity to affordably produce our work, build an audience base, get reviewed and document our shows so that we could market them for tour.


Internships :: 2018 Fringe Festival

Capital Fringe has a variety of internships available for the Capital Fringe Festival July 7 - 29, 2018 in programming, marketing and press relations.


"An energy that felt so new and vibrant…and so familiar at the same time."

Don't look back… I am an artist today, one of many that thrive because the Capital Fringe is in our midst!



The Logan Fringe Art Space, home to Capital Fringe, will remain available for use throughout the winter and spring of 2018. The Fringe Arts Space can accommodate artists of all live performance disciplines — Dance, Theatre, Music, Cabaret, Poetry—from February through June, 2018. For precise availability, you can always reference our Book Calendar.


Support Independent Artists

Don't let the Fringe Festival pass you by get the 'I Support Independent Artists' discount pass.


2017 Fringe Festival Image

In any revolution, movement or repairing of broken systems, it is not the leaders or generals that do the work to create change—it is the people.



Sheldon Scott Studios is curating this year’s Fringe Festival’s Visual Art exhibition showcasing works that speak to the theme of “Home”.


Uncensored art, expression and creativity

Fringe’s mission of providing space and opportunities for artists to create and be seen and heard is more relevant than ever. Spaces that allow uncensored art, expression and creativity here in DC are more vital now than ever in our history.



Click on link to find out what we can do?!


Fringe POP [Performance over Projection] :: A Conversation with Capital Fringe CEO/Founder Julianne Brienza

A profile with Fringe CEO/Founder Julianne Brienza about the creation of FringePOP [Performance over Projection]


Fringe POP [Performance over Projection] :: A Conversation with Actors Alani Kravitz and Frank Britton

An artist profile with actors Alani Kravitz and Frank Britton.

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