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Written on March 11, 2018

This past November and in anticipation of our 13th year, we put out a request for proposals for new plays or new adaptations of Greek, Roman, Classical Antiquity or world culture (Asia, India, Africa, South American and/or Caribbean) folklore or myths. We were seeking to refresh and recharge the annual Fringe Festival with new works that evolve our commitment to creating opportunities for theatre artists.

We are thrilled to announce the three plays we have commissioned for this year’s Fringe Festival and their directors. These selected scripts will be fully developed and presented in repertory, receiving five to seven performances during the Capital Fringe Festival at Arena Stage, the Mead Center for American Theater.

America’s Wives by Farah Lawal Harris
Director Jared Shamberger
One Older Wife. One Younger Wife. One Bald Eagle. And America. Adapted from a Yoruba folktale, this timely and surprising script explores identity, love and greed in today’s world. Come along and explore what it means to be faithful to yourself and to others, in a time of tremendous change.

Andromeda Breaks by Stephen Spotswood
Director Nick Martin
Southern Gothic horror infuses an updated version of the Greek myth of Andromeda. Here, we find the heroine, Andromeda, in a police interrogation room, accused of murder. She must defend her family and herself in the face of corruption and deceit. But all is not what it seems in this shocking contemporary thriller.

The City Of… by Matthew Capodicasa
Director Patrick Pearson
Inspired by the Jorge Luis Borges short story, Funes the Memorious, this new play tells the story of Irene and Arthur and their struggle as the world around them starts to lose its collective memory. Along the way they meet the enigmatic Z, who can remember everything in painful detail. How do we know what is truth anymore? This poetic, intimately beautiful play explores what it means to forget, and more importantly, to remember.

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