Staff Interviews: Baldacchino Kitchen

Written on July 27, 2013

Turkey burgers, half-smokes, veggie wraps—our kitchen staff can provide whatever dish you are craving at the Baldacchino Gypsy Tent Bar. Our dedicated staff of chefs, grill cooks and dishwashers make sure that everyone has a full stomach.

Taylor Lang is a chef who works tirelessly to put together sandwiches and burgers for hungry patrons. He works directly with our Head Chef Matty Griffiths to make sure the kitchen is running smoothly.

“I’m strictly food preparation,” said Lang. “Basically, good prep includes grilling, assembling sandwiches and keeping the kitchen in order.“

Lang was introduced to Fringe after funding a Kickstarter for a friend’s show last year. After catering an event at Fort Fringe, he had a chance to meet the head chef.

“I’m glad we have our sponsor, Duke’s Mayonnaise, because I never want to make mayonnaise, ever,” said Lang. “I made it once in school, never again. Aioli is fine, completely different, but mayonnaise? No thank you.”

The Baldacchino Kitchen walks a fine line between precision and madness. Dishes quickly move in and out. Turkey burgers fly everywhere.

“It’s a normal pace to me,” said Treon Williams. “Because I’m so immune to it, and I love this kitchen and it loves me back.”

Williams has worked at the Baldacchino for the past three summer Festivals. “It’s like my second room or my second home,” said Williams. “Yeah, I live in this kitchen, you know?”

Williams did not hesitate when asked to identify both his power animal and the kitchen’s. “A lion. The kitchen is not an animal. It’s a jungle, and I’m a lion, you know?”

Outside the kitchen, Marla Holland grills burgers and half-smokes to sizzling perfection every night. She is a newcomer to Capital Fringe, but taken a shine to our community.

“When Matty told me I got the job I did cartwheels I was so happy,” said Holland. “It’s my first year and I really enjoy it and I hope I get to come back.”

By the grill, Holland gets to enjoy a much calmer atmosphere than inside. With a view of the street and plenty of music from the Baldacchino Gypsy Tent, she gets her own “personal Pandora.”

“I get to hear all the great bands,” said Holland. “Hang with people. Hang with staff. I get to do my own grill thing.”

From her perch, Holland can see a lot on the street.

“I saw all the Deltas when they were here for their centennial, so it was like a sea of red and white,” said Holland. “I saw a guy fly his own model plane one time. And then there were some little skateboarders and some breakdancers. You never know what you’re going to see! It’s always good stuff. A little window to the world.”

Holland gets plenty of interaction with the casts of shows being so close to backstage.

“The first night the burlesque group smelled me grilling, a guy came out in his little burlesque outfit with his little g-string and said ‘I need that hamburger!’” said Holland. “To me, this just shows how food brings everybody together.”

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