Hi, I'm Fringe :: Interview with Sponsor Ditto Residential

Written on July 19, 2016

Callie Bruenner is responsible for communication and marketing for Ditto Residential, one of Fringe 2016’s sponsors.

We currently have a project that’s two blocks up from the Logan Fringe Arts Space. The building, called The Hendrix, is a 45-unit building located at 1326 Florida Ave., NE. It has a mixture of studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom apartments, but the majority of the building consists of 2-bedroom units. The 3-bedroom units of the building are mainly stacked in the front corner, and the rest of the units are sprinkled out through the building. There’s a level of underground parking with 16 spaces. It’s first-come-first-serve, so residents can choose to pay a fee and have a guaranteed spot. We also have a secured bike storage area. The building will have a roof deck and an interior communal area as well. It’ll be a great view up there; you can see the whole city.

It’s a small apartment building compared to most in the city because it is only 45-units, with eight units on every floor. So we’re hoping that means that most people will know who else is living on their floor, or at least recognize them. We see a lot of advantage to living in a building like this. Not just a faceless person in a long hallway.

Regarding the location, the Firehouse next door was taken into consideration when the building was designed. So it was constructed in a way to account for that. But there’s no way to not hear the sirens throughout the building.

We hope that the people who live here will treat it as a community instead of just a building, and hopefully the size will help facilitate that sort of environment. Additionally, we hope to plug the residents into the surrounding neighborhood. We want them to proudly claim Trinidad as home, so if there are events going on in the neighborhood we want people in our building to know about them. If there are bad things, good things, no matter what it is we’re committed to keeping our residents informed about that. Hopefully, that is the case when we have people move in there. It’s in a unique location and, to me, it will take someone who wants to live in that neighborhood to be in that building and there are a lot of people who do want to be in that neighborhood, and that’s amazing that they want to be there, and that they care about it.

We’re excited about it. We’re excited to be in the neighborhood, to be finished with construction, and for people to finally move in.

We have another project that’s two blocks down that’s technically across the street from Trinidad, which is at 1219 Florida Ave. It’s an 8 unit building, but it’s an abnormal unit mix. So each unit is a five bedroom, five bathroom apartment mix, and was designed to be shared by roommates. It’s a model that we’ve used at another building of ours in Shaw, which has three and four bedroom apartments. This building is still unnamed.

We’ve been working on both of these projects for a little over three years now. It was purely coincidental that we ended up having two buildings that happen to be so close to each other.

We’ve received some inquiries about renting already, but we haven’t really done a big marketing push yet which we’re kind of holding off on until August. We do get people who drive by and ask what’s going on.

Both of these buildings will be available for lease in the fall of this year.

More info on ditto.

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