"An energy that felt so new and vibrant…and so familiar at the same time."

Written on December 18, 2017

Fringe’s mission of providing space and opportunities for artists to create and be seen and heard is more relevant than ever. Spaces that allow uncensored art, expression and creativity here in DC are more vital now than ever in our history. We are not filled with blind hope for the future—we own our future—and are resolved to building and improving the services we offer to the independent art scene here in DC.

We are committed to hustling and creating space and opportunities for local independent art in our nation’s capital, we hope you will join us.

If you are willing and able to support our work with a monetary contribution, please do so by clicking HERE or send directly to us at 1358 Florida Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002.

In early 2016 I put it out in the universe that I was looking for the right venue to do my first show as an artist during the coming election cycle. Fellow painter Lisa Marie Thalhammer introduced me to Julianne and I immediately fell in love with the space. An energy that felt so new and vibrant…and so familiar at the same time. The year and a half that followed has been one of the greatest whirlwinds in my life, reminiscent of 1968 and 1977… the convergence of everything I stand and fight for… and against was brewing, as I furiously painted inside and out! Murals of artistic milestones, celebrating art and architecture with the Art Ensemble of Chicago in the Pension Building and the Sun Ra Arkestra at the Old Post Office (which was inspired and commissioned by the Capital Fringe for their courtyard wall). FRINGE – became my home away from the studio – as they hosted a show of my politically charged paintings October 2016-January 2017 and a group show of jazz paintings with Michael Wilderman photographs this past summer.

Don’t look back… I am an artist today, one of many that thrive because the Capital Fringe is in our midst! - BILL WARRELL

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"Happenstance Theater could not have gotten where we are without the support and opportunities provided by Capital Fringe and the Fringe Festival."
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