Ethan Foote and Jeremy Ney :: Curatorial Statement

Written on September 3, 2016

What is chamber music to you?

Perhaps it’s an elegant string quartet by Haydn, or a refined fugue by Bach? Or maybe it’s one of Schumann’s archetypal romantic songs, or a soaring melody by Brahms? Chances are your idea of chamber music has something to do with a dead be-wigged German guy! They’ve built up quite the monopoly over our modern ears, from the dumbing uniformity of the classical compilation CD to recycled operatic arias that advertise everything from olive oil to toilet paper.

Our venerable composers would be horrified, quite honestly. After all, they were the original punk rockers of their time: Bach found his way into a duel, Beethoven put two fingers up to Napoleon, and Schubert imbued the dark apotheosis of a generation into his songs. Beneath the sedentary, comfortable swaddling cloth of classical music beats the drum of enlightenment, revolution, and profound humanity, and it beats right into the present day.

The Capital Fringe Chamber Music Festival displays the astonishing breadth of what chamber music can encompass. Here we have everything from spiritual works of the renaissance, to evocations of musical impressionism, contemporary settings of Romantic poetry, cabaret, and percussion that pushes the boundaries between theater and concert performance. Each of the four concerts presents an intimate portrait featuring music that is delicate, emotionally wrought, tempestuous, and full of humor and ambiguity. Whether written 300 years ago or yesterday, works of such richness and depth remain timeless in the hands of performers committed to unearthing the vivid spectrums of musical color and character behind the notes.

We hope these concerts will invite listeners to reconsider what classical chamber music can be, and open a path to new discoveries and sensations through musical territory that may feel familiar or altogether remote and unexplored.

Ethan Foote and Jeremy Ney

See the final two concerts in their series … QuaQuaQua 3pm 9/3

Ensemble Encanto 8pm 9/3

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