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"...a dedication to radical art that makes Fringe an indispensable entity in this city."

Capital Fringe has been one of the most supportive places in DC for cutting edge music, art, and theater. Many of their presentations and productions would not be possible anywhere else in the city, and it is a rare venue for open creativity in the US.


"Capital Fringe has been the ideal venue for us as a startup theater company in D.C. "

The Fringe ethos makes for vibrant and exciting programming, but it also makes Fringe itself an organization that serves as an incubator for new works, new companies, independent artists and all those who need an artistic home and are on the outskirts of the city's theatrical establishment.


"Happenstance Theater could not have gotten where we are without the support and opportunities provided by Capital Fringe and the Fringe Festival."

Our company, Happenstance Theater, was launched at the inaugural Capital Fringe Festival in 2006. We performed at the Fringe Festival for five years and this gave us an opportunity to affordably produce our work, build an audience base, get reviewed and document our shows so that we could market them for tour.


"An energy that felt so new and vibrant…and so familiar at the same time."

Don't look back… I am an artist today, one of many that thrive because the Capital Fringe is in our midst!


Fringe POP [Performance over Projection] :: A Conversation with Capital Fringe CEO/Founder Julianne Brienza

A profile with Fringe CEO/Founder Julianne Brienza about the creation of FringePOP [Performance over Projection]


Fringe POP [Performance over Projection] :: A Conversation with Actors Alani Kravitz and Frank Britton

An artist profile with actors Alani Kravitz and Frank Britton.


Fringe POP [Performance over Projection] :: A Conversation with Playwright Mark Scharf

An artist profile with playwright Mark Scharf.


Fringe POP [Performance over Projection] :: A Conversation with Paul Moon

An artist profile with DC filmmaker Paul Moon.


Fringe POP [Performance over Projection] :: A Conversation with Renana Fox

A chat behind the scenes with Fringe POP director Renana Fox.


Ethan Foote and Jeremy Ney :: Curatorial Statement

What is chamber music to you?


FRINGE MUSIC :: Interview with Maggie Finnegan

Geek out about "new" classical music with Chamber Music Series soprano Maggie Finnegan.


Hi, I'm Fringe :: Interview with SuperNOVA and Let Trump Be Trump

Alex Bulova and Sarah Marksteiner of SuperNOVA talk about the creation of their show and their relationship with D.C.'s theater community. Later, John Krizel, the playwright of Let Trump Be Trump, talks about current politics and how they play into his show.

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