EIGHT DAYS #capfringe18

Written on June 29, 2018



We’ve rounded up your go-to survival guide to make sure you end the day sunburn free and happy as can be! Here’s all you need to have before leaving your home:

1. Sunscreen! Portable cooling fan! Sunglasses!

The DC summer sun is out to get us, so make sure you lather on that spf 30 (or 50+ if you’re pale like me). Make sure to dress cool, and by cool I mean for the weather cool, we won’t judge your style…until we do in a future blog post #fringefashion. Also, portable miniature cooling fans can be a lifesaver on those really hot days. And they can fit in a purse! How great!

2. Button

Don’t forget your button at home! The box office will not have replacements and you cannot get into a show without one. Plus, with it, you have access to all our amazing SW button discounts.

3. Water bottle

For those making a day venture out of it, you gotta stay hydrated.

4. Sweater

I know it may seem counterintuitive, especially after I just went on about how hot it will be…but it can get pretty chilly in the theatre, so make sure to have a layer to throw on once you’re inside.

5. Metro Card

The best way to get downtown is to take the metro to the Waterfront stop off the green line. All our venues are in walking distance from the Waterfront metro stop and The District Wharf is right around the corner for all your wining and dining before and after shows.

6. Wear comfy shoes

While everything is in walking distance, some are farther away than others so a good pair of walking shoes is essential!

7. Portable phone charger

For those all day adventures. Gotta make sure you can text your friends about all the amazing things you see and do!

Heed our advice and you can’t go wrong. We can’t wait to see you!

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