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Written on July 5, 2018

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New Paradise Laboratories presents, O’Monsters: a devised nightmare.

Imagine a world where objects fall unexpectedly from the sky—hundreds of bouncy balls come crashing down and a knife lands in the middle of your dining room table. This world is all about the unpredictable.

Visiting us all the way from Philadelphia, PA, O'Monsters offers a non-traditional, fascinating look into family conflict. The story does not follow a typical play/musical structure, but allows the mind to wander and jump from action to action. There is also comedy in this dark world. Adults become babies, a neon green blower shoots silverware offstage, and human behavior is mocked.

If you are looking for a show that is more an experience than a staged piece, O’Monsters is for you. It is a devised piece, which means that it was originally created without a script, instead by the ensemble and team of collaborators who went through the creative process together to form what is now the show structure.

It is an intense, auditory, and visual experience, so be prepared for loud sounds and some disturbing content. Come to experience a disturbing, brilliant work of art.


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